Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where Have I Been?!?!?!

Hey friends!  Ok, I know you are all thinking...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

I have just been SO busy with the end of the school my husband and I found out that we are having a baby!!!  YES!  Our first one!  So I have been super super super super SUPER ALL the time.  But now that it is summer and I am starting my 2nd trimester, I am hoping to have more time and energy to make new clip art & finally finish some requests that I have had.

On top of all of that, my husband and I are also buying a new house.  We will be closing in mid July...after being on vacation in Maine for 2 weeks. AND for the upcoming school year, I will no longer be teaching 1st grade!  I will be teaching Kindergarten!  I KNOW!  Blog name change?  Ehhh probably not...I'm too lazy hehehehe....but ayyyy yaaah yaaaah....I am a busy girl!  But what can I say?  God has really blessed us with many amazing opportunities and I am so thankful for everything!

Needless to say...this summer will definitely be busy with moving into our new house, moving into my new classroom, being pregnant, etc...but I am determined to make time to work on my Etsy shop!

Thank you to everyone who has been checking in on me and please let me know of any new requests that you have.  I will try my best to work on them!


  1. Congratulations on EVERYTHING! What an amazing time in your life & yes...God has definitely bless you. :-)

  2. Wow! you have been busy. Congrats on the new house, job, and baby! Glad you're back.

  3. Congratulations!!! And thank you so much for helping me correct my BIG MISTAKE! :)

  4. Congrats Lauren!! Great news!


  5. Congratulations on everything, you certainly have so much to look forward to!
    Stories From Second

  6. Congratulations on everything!!!

  7. Congrats! So much to celebrate...with lemonade :)
    Glad to hear you are back and doing amazing!
    My Second Sense

  8. Congratulations!! Being a mommy is the best!


  9. Well it is about stinkin' time!! lol JK We missed you! I can't wait to see what cute clip art you create this summer. Oh, and we totally need to get together for a latte and trade clip art secrets...

  10. Yay! Glad to know everything is going AWESOME with you! Sending you positive energy!!
    I can't wait to see your new clip art! :)
    I don't know if there are many Arizonans out in the blog world but I would love some AZ clip art {state stuff... bird, flower, tree, etc.}, classroom helpers, more bright background papers <3, smilies and frowns, maybe some Whole Brain Teaching Rules Clip Art??? Ahh!!! My list could be never ending but I'll stop now! :)

    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  11. Welcome back! Congrats on the baby, home, and job! Kindergarten is quiet an adventure that you will love!

  12. Hi!! I am your newest follower. Your clipart is too cute! I am house hunting right now, so I feel your pain. Good luck with your busy summer!

    PS: I am a brand new teacher blogger and would love for you to stop by!

    EduKate and Inspire

  13. I love your stuff and Congrats! :) I'm 7 months pregnant in second grade...woo hoo!

    I just awarded you the "Versatile Blogger" award. Come by my blog and pick it up! :)

    Teachin' Little Texans

  14. Congrats!! Your blog is super cute and I LOVE that you are a fellow South Carolinian. Yay for first grade teachers from SC! :) Check us out at our blog Simply SWEET TEAching!

  15. omg congrats on your newest addition thats so your newest follower drop by =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

  16. Hi Lauren! Hope you're doing well and enjoying your summer. Katie and I over at Simply SWEET TEAching just wanted to give you a blog award. Hop on over to our blog to grab it! God Bless! Simply SWEET TEAching

  17. Wow! Congrats on all of the exciting things going on in your life =) I'm sure you are having a very busy summer. I just placed an order at your Etsy shop for your Pink, Aqua & Grey blog design.. I'm very excited to have one of your designs on my blog!

    The Resource Room Teacher

  18. Being pregnant while teaching is simply cute and adorable! You must have looked perfectly beautiful with your maternity dress and at the same time giving classes to your little ones. I simply admire your strength and determination towards you job. I believe your baby will really be proud of you. Take care!

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