Wednesday, November 23, 2011

**NEW** Reindeer Race Subtraction Game

I wish you could hear the sound I am making right now!  It's something like a high-pitch squeal!  I am just SO very excited to be making games/activities for my TPT account!  I worked my fanny off ALL DAY LONG trying to make this game.  I struggled with print margins, file sizes, merging PDF files...but finally, finally, FINALLY...I GOT IT!!!!  :)   Then I had it all ready to upload and then I realized that my first upload on TPT had to be free.  Bummer.  Not that I don't want to give away Free things, because I do!  But I had already put in all of the info for my other game...blah.  I hate having to start all the way over.  But it's worth it!

So I uploaded a one page sheet for FREE.  Unfortunately it is a little late because it is Thanksgiving themed.  But hey, there is always next year, right?  It is an Acrostic Poem using the word "Thanks".  My kids loved this.  After they fill out the poem, they get to color and decorate the border.  It is definitely cute enough to hang up!  Click here to get it!

The game that I uploaded is called "Reindeer Race Subtraction".  It focuses on subtraction to 20.  My first graders and I will continue to focus on this skill all the way until Christmas break.  By that time, I am sure they will be subtracting experts!  And this is just a fun and cute way for them to practice since we are quickly approaching Christmas!  Everything is more fun with some reindeer or elves involved, haha!  I will upload some pictures soon of my classroom with all of our Christmas decor.  But until then, please go on over to my TPT store and check out this game!  Whether you are focusing on subtraction right now or not, it always makes a great review game!

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