Wednesday, November 30, 2011

**NEW Snowman Poke Subtraction Facts to 10

YAY!  Another new math game.  I know, I am obsessed with math games.  :)

This one is called Snowman Poke.  My students absolutely LOVE this game.  They play in partners or groups, taking turns drawing a card.  They solve the subtraction problem and on the snowman's belly are holes punched out where his buttons would be.  Each hole has a "difference" next to it.  Students will poke their pencil through the hole that they think is the right answer.  With the pencil still poked through, they flip the card over to check their answer.  I've circle the correct hole on the back.  If they got the right one, they keep the card.  If not, they add it back to the stack.  Fun huh?  Seriously this game never gets old to my kids.  Click on the picture below to see the game in my TpT store.


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