Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sight Word Jenga Game

Hey y'all!  So I never get a chance to post just as a first grade teacher!  I've been so consumed with clip art lately (I definitely don't mind) but I thought I'd at least take a brief second to share a fun idea that I am going to do during our SSR Stations this week!

I got this idea from Teacher Tipster.  If you've never heard of Mr. Smith, you are REALLY missing out!  He is absolutely hilarious.  I am convinced he would be the ideal first grade team-mate!  WOW look at the screenshot for this video you are about to watch...doesn't he just exude awesomeness?!!!!  His kids must adore him!

Anyway!  He had a great idea to turn a fun game into a fun & meaningful sight word game.  He bought the game Jenga (I only choose name you'll get that joke when you watch the video).  And anyways, on each Jenga block, he wrote a sight word (or Word Wall Word).  The kids then stack up the tower and as they take turns removing a block, they have to read the sight word on it before stacking it on the top!  How fun is that?!  Like...cRaZy Fun, in my opinion!  And yes, they play until the tower knocks over!  Just make sure to set the expectations high before sending them off to play.  You don't want some kids squealing in the corner of the room when the tower tumbles over right in the middle of reading with another group of students.

Here are some pictures of what mine turned out like!  I got my pack from Dollar General for about $4.  It was the generic brand...sorry Mr. Smith...haha!  :)     It came with 42 blocks!

Let me know if you decide to try this activity!  It seems like something my kids will absolutely freak out over!  And definitely go check out Mr. Smith @ Teacher Tipster & subscribe to his Youtube channel.  He has so many awesome videos.  I actually show my kids his videos, even though he is talking to teachers for the most part.  He is just so funny that my kids constantly ask to watch his videos!  Check them out for yourself and you'll see!


  1. I love love love this idea! My awesome brother (a person that loves to work with wood) is making me some for my classroom. I'm so excited! I wonder if my firsties could help me with the sanding??? lol

    First Grade Delight

  2. He is awesome and I always enjoy his videos. I actually posted the same idea last month and also talked about doing a number version for a math center.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. Very cute! I could definitely adapt this for 3rd! Fun!

  4. Love the idea!! Your handwriting is spectacular :)

  5. Miss T: That sounds like a great idea!!! :)

    Delighted: WOW he is awesome for making some homemade blocks! I'm sure they will be adorable!

    Ginger: I miss you! And yes, you could do this with vocabulary or harder WWWs.

    Tania: LOL! You are sweet! I'm glad you like it! It's hard to write on those little blocks.

  6. I love the teacher tipster too! He is so creative

    I just found your cute blog and I am your newest follower

    I would love for you to join be in all the fun and follow my blog too!-Ms. Patterson

    Pocket Full of Kinders

  7. Just found your blog! I love the Jenga Sight Word Game. It looks so fun! I would love to have you visit my blog.


  8. This is AWESOME! Definitely going to go to the dollar store tomorrow! Thank you for sharing Mr. Smith's videos! :)

    Cheers to School

  9. I cannot wait to try this with my first graders! I think they will love it. Thanks for the hilarious video too.

  10. Great game, I added it to my post, 100 Fun Reading Games... You can check it out here

  11. Quick question- how do you have them set up the game? Do you help them build up the blocks or do they do that themselves?