Monday, January 2, 2012

Chinese New Year Clip Art + New Buy, 1 Get 1 Free Etsy Deal!

I hope it's not too too late for this Chinese New Year clip art set!  It's $2 .50 at my Etsy shop!

Also!!!  I am excited to announce that on my Etsy shop I am now doing a BOGO deal!!!  There is Buy 1, Get 1 Free...Buy 2, Get 2...etc!  Go ahead an take advantage of this deal!  I don't know how long I'll keep it going.  :)


  1. Nice! I will take a look later and take advantage of the awesome deal!

    Sweet Times in First

  2. Where were you when I was hunting down Chinese clip art a month ago????? LOL


    I'm following you!!! : )

  3. @ Jaime--Hahahaha I know, right?! Talk about last minute...I am the Queen of procrastinating!